Resort Management


Difficulty is listed as a fraction out of 5. The higher, the more difficult.

Shop - Already Developed. Fame is increased by doing quests for the guild. Level goes up with other facilities.

Area 1
Park (1/5)- Cost (10,000,000 Cole): "Everyone's hangout spot. Nature-related jobs can be found here."
Spa (4/5)- Cost (23,000,000 Cole): "Provides natural springs. Spa-related jobs can be found here."

Area 2
Theatre (3/5)- (20,000,000 Cole): "Many great plays are performed. Clothes-related jobs are here."
Museum (5/5)- (29,000,000 Cole): "Displays a ton of art pieces. Art-related jobs can be found here."

Area 3
Theme Park (3/5)- (15,000,000 Cole): "Everyone can play like a kid. Service-related jobs can be found here."
Beach (3/5)- (17,000,000 Cole): "Turn it into a resort beach. Cool jobs can be found here."

Area 4
Bakery (1/5)- (10,000,000 Cole): "Your sweets are ready! Sweets-related jobs can be found here."
Market (2/5)- (13,000,000 Cole): "Various supplies from around the world and a broad range of jobs can be found here."

Area 5
Hotel (2/5)- (13,000,000 Cole): "Facility for the tourists. Service- [sic] and cooking-related jobs can be found here."
Aquarium (4/5)- (26,000,000 Cole): ""Collection of marine creatures of Sera Island. Marine-related jobs can be found here."


Hans- "You can ask me about managing the art-related facilities. I'm not good with recreation-related facilities. Remember that."

Gillian- "Hey hey! I'm good at managing fun places! But I hate serious stuff… heh."

Fitz- "I can help you watch over a shop! I'm not good with kids, though…"

Kilbert- "Oh yeah, I'm good with animals and stuff, but… Don't ask me to manage a facility that requires a lot of work."

Kyle- "The theatrical world is so deep! If you have a facility related to that, you can count on me! Just nothing outside… I'm not good with heat."

Beaux- "A facility with lots of outside activities? Leave it to me! No serious or complicated places for me, though…"

Liese- "I'm good at making money and doing pretty much everything else. I'd like to avoid formal places though."

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