Recipe Books

This will list all recipe books, how they are received, what they contain, and things like that.
Unless otherwise Stated all bought recipes are from the Library.

Available Year 1, April 1st

Alchemy 101- [Automatic], recipe(s): Pure Water, Casual Clothes, Supplement 1, Supplement 2, Alchemy Ash, and Dark Clod

Alchemy 102- [1,000 Cole], recipe(s) Short Sword, Wide Sword, Bronze Sword, Long Sword, Slayer Sword, Claymore, Wood Staff, Bronze Staff, Steel Staff, Pan, Club, Pot, Thick Book, Encyclopedia, Mystery Novel, Bamboo Spear, Spear, Member Uniform, Apron Dress, Knight Suit, Normal Threads, Durable Outfit, Orde Uniform, Adventure Outfit, Leather Armor, Spiky Armor, Chestplate, Iron Vest, Plate Mail, Heavy Mail, Knight Armor, Supplement 3, Supplement 4, Plant Energy, Quality Milk, and Fairy's Bracelet

Alchemy of Orde- [300 Cole], recipe(s): Athena Water, Athena Salve, Punish Blitz, and Silk

Assignment 1- [Automatic], recipe(s): Shop Sign

Assignment 2- [Automatic], recipe(s): Island Map

Athlete's Way- [6,800 Cole], recipe(s): Life Fuel, Skill Drop, Power Capsule, Wind Orb, and Magical Shield

Bomb and I 1- [1,000 Cole], recipe(s): Bomb and Mega Bomb,

Carpentry- [500 Cole], recipe(s): Buffer, Candle, and Wooden Box

Cooking Alchemy- [500 Cole], recipe(s): Goat Cheese, Green Juice, Carrot Juice, Tropical Set, Tropical Noodle, Veggie Plate, Mushroom Plate, Veggie Stew, and Pazza

Great Sweets- [1,000 Cole], recipe(s): Dragee, Eisen Bar, Cant Holtz, Puff, and Hot Milk.

Master Cooking - [1,000 Cole], recipe(s): Seafood Salad, Grilled Salmon, Carpaccio, and Fin Soup

The Rock- [4,000 Cole], recipe(s): Metasphere, Glass Sphere, Pure Ore, and Schwer Metal

Available Year 1, October 1st

Accessory Book- [9,800 Cole], recipe(s): Eisen Clip, Gunard's Clip, Fire Cuff, and Sun Cuff

Alchemy 103- [3,000 Cole], recipe(s): Barrel, Artistic Barrel, Globe, Leather Suit, Venture Suit, Foreign Coat, Supplement 5, and Magical Water

Alchemy 104- [5,000 Cole], recipe(s): My Cake, Le Pier, Falcata, Steel Sword, Iron Sword, Katzbalger, Titan Sword, Platine Sword, Goddess Sword, Prim Staff, Iron Staff, Legend Staff, Magical Stick, Mace, Bronze Mace, Big Pot, Super Mace, Workbook, World's Sweets, Partisan, Trident, Javelin, Halberd, Supplement 6, Return Gate, Life Water, Legend Water, and Gold Coin

Assignment 3- [automatic], recipe(s): Knight's Spear

Bomb and I 2- [2,000 Cole], recipe(s): Giga Bomb, Mega Uni, and Giga Uni

Forbidden Tome- [5,000 Cole]- recipe(s): Prize Blitz, Dark Blitz, and Black Soup

Girly Fashion- [5,000 Cole]- recipe(s): Wasser Ring, Ice Ring, Fluff Shoes, Meteor Shoes, and Rainbow Lariat

Great Sweets 2- [2,000 Cole], recipe(s): Chocolate, Kokoron, Fiery Puff, Hot Chocolate, Pina Juice, and Castella

Love Alchemy- [5,000 Cole], recipe(s): Angel Sword, Magic Sword, Holy Sword, Psycho Sword, Light Sword, Flamberge, Alchemy Staff, Wisdom Staff, Crusher, Iron Mace, Mega Hammer, Wisdom Book, Old Book, Demon Book, Angel Book, Legend book, Naginata, Pike, Butterfly Slicer, Cross Spear, Thieves' Threads, Pure Dress, Holy Uniform, Angel's Armor, Pure Armor, Holy Armor, Silver Armor, Iron Armor, and Goddess Armor

Style Guide- [5,000 Cole], recipe(s): Weird Costume, Magic Outfit, Weird Armor, Magic Armor, Light Armor, Noble Outfit, Party Gown, Morning, Sexy Shift, Psych Dress, Charm Ankh, Magic Ankh, Perfume, Mercurius Eye, and Shooting Star

Available Year 2, April 1st

Athlete's Way- [7,800 Cole], recipe(s): Super Fuel, Super Drop, Super Capsule, Speed Orb, and War Shield

Cheering Catalog- [5,800 Cole], recipe(s): Magical Pom Pom, War Pom Pom, Magical Flag, and War Flag

Liese's Recipe- [10,000 Cole from Liese; 8,000 discounted], recipe(s): Dolphin Pie.

Mystery Drink 1- [5.000 Cole] recipe(s): Iron Drink, Morning Tea, and Resist Potion

Royal World 2- [10,000 Cole] recipe(s): Emerode Ring, Sappheiro Ring, Ryubi Ring, Azuro Ring, Emerode, Sappheiro, Ryubi, and Azuro

Secret to Life- [3,500 Cole], recipe(s): Liese's Dress, Gentle Shark, Violent Shark, Jelly-O, Octochu, Ionofish, Common Shell, Living Rope, Living Rag, Living Mop, Living Broom, and Living Barrel

Sweet Book- [3,000 Cole], recipe(s): Pudding Sword, Sacher Sword, Sweet Saber, Pudding Staff, Sweet Crusher, Decoration, Cutesy Armor, Deco Armor, Caphite, Titanium, and Platine

Sweet Tome- [5,000 Cole], recipe(s): Puni Pudding, Salted Tongue, Cheesecake, Sachertorte, Sweet Sword, Cake Staff, Sacher Stick, Torten Mace, Sweet Suit, Cream Wear, Sacher Mail, Pudding Armor, Sweet Dress, and Cream Skirt

Tome of Wisdom- [5,000 Cole], recipe(s): Primal Egg, Celestial Alias, and Time Plate

Available Year 2, October 1st

Else Qulario- [20,000 Cole], recipe(s): Tera Bomb, Tera Uni, and Steel Barrel

Master's Recipe- [10,000 Cole], recipe(s): Elixir, Wisdom Stone, and Ultimate Gem

Mystery Gem- [10,000 Cole], recipe(s): Steel Drink, Nectar Dew, Super Potion, and Soul Water

Available Year 3, April 1st

Assignment 6- [Automatic], recipe(s): Contest Monument

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