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Hiyas everyone, this is my 1st thread in this forum.

I have a problem with the Supplement No. 4, when i want make a Yellow Color Supplement there says: There is no Supplement, but in the description of the supplement says: "No suplement needed"… and i cant make it….

Someone can tell me what items i need for make a Yellow Color Supplement? (For turn equips into Yellow) also for Gree, Pruple and Orange Supplements, pls.

Problem with Supplements. by konatakonata, 13 Dec 2009 08:45
Re: Buffer
NightmaresagNightmaresag 01 Dec 2009 11:50
in discussion Announcements and Help / Help » Buffer

Shiny dusts can be gathered at Crater (refer to gathering spots)…. You synthesize it at Misc/Others…. Forgot which recipe book I got it…. But I remembered that buffers are needed in making trait weapons and when Kilbert broke his Fragrach….

I think, when the time you got requests from the A. Guild to make trait weapons (that need buffers) or after completion of 3rd assignment, you can buy it at the Library…. This, I repeat, is only my assumption as I can't remember how I got the recipe for buffers (finished the game twice with the Royal Alchemist ending, and still playing it to get that Book-selling ending)

Re: Buffer by NightmaresagNightmaresag, 01 Dec 2009 11:50
Re: Buffer
cakelovecakelove 24 Nov 2009 03:50
in discussion Announcements and Help / Help » Buffer

which recipe book do i need? and where might i get it? D:

Re: Buffer by cakelovecakelove, 24 Nov 2009 03:50
Re: Buffer
NightmaresagNightmaresag 20 Nov 2009 11:29
in discussion Announcements and Help / Help » Buffer

You can synthesize it, just have some shiny dusts….

Re: Buffer by NightmaresagNightmaresag, 20 Nov 2009 11:29
cakelovecakelove 10 Nov 2009 01:06
in discussion Announcements and Help / Help » Buffer

Where do I get it? >_< I've been passing time not saving looking for it, but I can't seem to find it T_T

Buffer by cakelovecakelove, 10 Nov 2009 01:06

Yeah, a gigantic list would be helpful for people.

Re: Weapons and Armor by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 08 Nov 2009 00:00

Okay, I know I just made them and all, but I'm thinking about completely revamping the weapons and armor and making them look more like in the Japanese wiki ( for ease of reference.

Once we have things a little more settled I think we should make one gigantic list of items for people who are trying to get the "Bestseller" ending.

Weapons and Armor by SacchaSaccha, 07 Nov 2009 22:05

Thank you very much! =)

My brother was supposed to translate it for me, but he's lazy. When he finally gets around to it, I'll make sure stuff gets triple-checked. Thank you though.

And don't worry about the edits thing, I do that all the time.

Re: Endings by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 07 Nov 2009 02:57

Finished translating the ending requirements. However I didn't check them against my game and my Japanese is extremely rusty so it probably still needs some work.
Also, sorry for the million tiny edits rather then one big one. I have a somewhat unstable internet connection and I get kinda paranoid about saving my work.

Endings by SacchaSaccha, 06 Nov 2009 15:19

I made a thread about it in announcements. So just check there. If you still don't get it though, I'll do my best to explain it better.

Re: Questions topic by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 06 Nov 2009 02:32

Hey, what's up? I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing things here. I want to make a page under "items" for supplements, but I dunno how. I'll just make the page for now and try to figure it out later I guess.

If you can help that would be appreciated, I'm gonna try to look it up, but looking at the faq for it makes my head spin!

Re: Questions topic by SacchaSaccha, 06 Nov 2009 00:29

Is Annie level 20 or higher?

Re: Purple Popeye Fish by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 04 Nov 2009 21:48

I can't seem to get a purple popeye fish! I keep going to fruitful woods and all I get is red or orange. Help!

Purple Popeye Fish by tyelingtyeling, 04 Nov 2009 21:17

Personally I'd say location. I saw what you've done and it looks nice so far. =)

Re: Resort Jobs by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 04 Nov 2009 13:41

Well I just started on the page. Currently have the first two ranks of the Spa jobs down. The question is how should I order the Attractions? By the locations or alphabetical?

Resort Jobs by Hotaru06Hotaru06, 04 Nov 2009 09:58

Just decided to start a general questions thread. I'm a beginner at with wikis, but we can all try to help each other here. Ask away!

Questions topic by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 03 Nov 2009 20:54

You know that welcome page and that nice-looking page list there?

Pages don't automatically get added there. If there's a new page that isn't up there, it's easy to add! You parent. Go to the bottom of the new page.
You see that list of choices? Click " + Options"
After that, look for "Parent", click on that. Now, at this point, we need to decide what kind of page this is. Is it its own category of sorts (like Characters), or a subcategory (say Non-Playable Characters)? If it's its own category, put the parent page as "start". If it's a subcategory, put it under the name of the category page it belongs to.

Here's a pictorial guide just in case (forgive me, it was done in Paint).


Now, if you don't want to deal with it, that's fine. I'll probably get to it eventually, but I figured I might as well mention it.

The Front Page's setup by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 03 Nov 2009 20:50

Accessories! Of course, I feel so dumb!

I'm not sure if you've even clicked to edit a page before, so I'll assume you haven't.

Truthfully this wiki is my first experience with one, but…

It has a visual set up just like the forum posts here, but you can use code too, some of it is like CSS if you're familiar with that.

For creating an actual page, you just go to the side bar, come up with a title, select Create new page, put a tiny piece of information on it and save it.

For help things actually on here.. here's what I've found so far.

[] - quick reference
[] - not-so-quick reference
[]- snippets, people post examples of code that may be exactly what you want. You don't know how much I've used this.
[] - this spot is made for people to practice wiki code. screw around, have fun =)

If I find any tutorials that I like (Do not get DIV ARGHHHH) I'll post them ok?

Re: Items by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 03 Nov 2009 20:00

Accessories for sure. Might want to put food into its own category, but it can go under the healing items I guess. The only things after that is the books and alchemy tools, but that will probably be covered in another area. Oh and can you link me some faqs on how to make a page? I'm currently working on writing down what the jobs for the attractions are so people can plan out what to take with them to save on time. I think I have all the jobs for the spa, museum and the aquarium (or at least a good majority of them).

Re: Items by Hotaru06Hotaru06, 03 Nov 2009 06:04

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, thanks! It will most likely take forever though. Since some weapons have unique attacks (like soul strike), it might just be best to separate all the items onto unique pages.

Attack Items
Healing/Support Items
Misc/Ingredient Items.

Anything I'm forgetting?

Re: Items by entropy-cipherentropy-cipher, 02 Nov 2009 22:27
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