Dragee- NO.045 "Candy made from Kari Kari Nuts and Sweet Cube. Heals 70 HP"

Chocolate- NO.046 "Pepe's favorite! Candy made from Kari Kari Nuts. Heals everybody's HP by 80."

Kokoron- NO.047 "A dessert made from flour, eggs, and milk. Heals HP by 100."

Eisen Bar- NO.048 "A snack in the shape of a stick. Heals HP by 30."

Cant Holtz- NO.049 "A nutritional food. Heals everybody's HP by 40. Great for emergencies."

Puff- NO.050 "A masterpiece made by an expert patissier. Heals HP by 70."

Fiery Puff- NO.051 "A rare spicy dessert made by an expert patissier. Pepe doesn't really like it. Heals HP by 50."

Hot Milk- NO.052 "Made by warming up milk. Keeps you warm and heals HP by 20."

Hot Chocolate- NO.053 "A sweet drink made from chocolate. It keeps you warm and heals HP by 100."

Goat Cheese- NO.054 "Cheese made from Goat Milk. Good for your health and heals HP by 40."

Puni Pudding- NO.055 "Pudding that looks like a Puni. Heals HP by 150."

Pina Juice- NO.058 "Pineapple juice that is made from the sweetest pineapples. Heals HP by 50."

Green Juice- NI.059 "Health drink made from various vegetables. Heals Hp by 70."

Carrot Juice- NO.060 "Carrots that taste great even in juice form. Heals HP by 60."

Tropical Set- NO.061 "A dish full of tropical fruits. Great to have at the beach. Heals HP by 200."

Tropical Noodle- NO.062 "A collaboration between fruits and noodles. Seems weird, but tastes pretty good. Heals HP by more than 180."

Castella- NO.065 "An elegant dessert from the Far East. Heals HP by 90."

My Cake- NO.067 "An original cake with Lando. Heals everybody by 150."

Cheesecake- NO.068 "Cake made from Milky Gem and cheese. Heals HP by 250."

Sachertorte- NO.069 "Cake coated with chocolate. This is the kind of all cakes! Heals HP by 350."

Veggie Plate- NO.070 "A healthy veggie dish. Heals several people's HP by 20."

Mushroom plate- NO.071 "Veggie plate with mushrooms. Heals HP by 40."

Veggie Stew- NO.072 "Stew made from veggies and milk. A great tasting dish. Heals HP by 50."

Pazza NO.073 "A seafood dish with lots of fish. Heals HP by 60."

Seafood Salad- NO.074 "A dish of marinated fish and veggies. Heals HP by 70."

Grilled Salmon- NO.075 "Gold Salmon grilled only with salt. It's simple, but tough to grill right. Heals HP by 150."

Carpaccio- NO.076 "King tuna with veggie sides. A healthy dish. Heals HP by 150."

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