All Sera Island contests occur in April and October.

Assignment 1
Starts: Year 1, April 1st
Deadline: Same day

Description: Make a sign for the shop.

Recipe: Given


  • Woodchips
  • Black Clay

Result: Automatic Gold.

Assignment 2
Starts: Year 1, April 1st
Deadline: Year 1, September 30th

Description: Make a Map of Sera Island

Recipe: Given


  • Woodchips
  • Pure Water
  • Magical Weed

Gold: Hand in soon.

Assignment 3
Starts: Year 1, October 1st
Deadline: Year 2, March 30th

Description: Turn in 10 Red Knight Spears

Recipe: Given


  • Knight's Spear
  • Dark Clod
  • Pure Water
  • Desired Trait: Red (Supplement(s): 2 and 4)

Gold: Give it the trait "Red" and hand in soon.

Assignment 4
Starts: Year 2, April 1st
Deadline: Year 2, September 30th

Description: Make a feature item for the Island

Recipe: Go to the General Store and buy Liese's recipe for 10,000 Cole.


  • Belladonna
  • Lando
  • Natural Cream
  • Desired Trait: Aroma (Supplement(s): 3)

Gold: Giving it the trait "Aroma" is recommended, but the gold prize is possible without it.

Assignment 5
Starts: Year 2, October 1st
Deadline: Year 3, March 30th

Description: Make a weapon to fight a monster at the Basin with.

Recipe: Talk to Amalie. She will give you the recipe for "War Hammer" if you bring her a crystal skull.


  • War Hammer
  • Schwer Metal
  • Pure Water
  • Desired Trait: Purple (Supplement(s): 4)

Earth Element Battle Strategy: The War Hammer can be equipped by Annie. Any other purple trait weapons may help.

Gold: Turn in a purple War Hammer after defeating the monster. You have until at least Mid November.

Assignment 6
Starts: Year 3, April 1st
Deadline: Year 3, September 30th

Description: Make a Contest Monument. Turn in two for a better score.

Recipe: Given.


  • Azuro - (Making it with the Flask has the biggest success rate)
  • Silk
  • Glass Sphere
  • Desired Trait: Quality

Gold: Hand in two Quality statues

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