Annie Eilenberg
VA: Ai Nonaka

Almanac Description: (NO.001) "A girl who wants to become a top-class alchemist
and marry a wealthy man in the future. A little lazy, but she's got a kind heart and
the potential to succeed… hopefully."

Default Equipment
Wpn: Thick Book
Arm: Casual Clothes
Acc: Memorial Pin

Beginning Stats
Starting Level- 1
HP- ?
ATK- 21
MAG- 35
DEF- 25
RES- 26
SPD- 20

Hans Arlens
VA: Noriaki Sugiyama

Almanac Description: (NO.002) "A member of the Development Committee, he's also in charge
of me. He's super smart, but he's too serious for my taste."

Default Equipment
Wpn: Wood Staff
Arm: Member Uniform
Acc: Memorial Pin

Beginning Stats
Starting Level- 1
HP- 63
ATK- 26
MAG- 31
DEF- 32
RES- 25
SPD- 15

Beaux Shrick

Almanac Description: (NO.006) "An adventurer in training. His directional senses
are completely off. He's always at the Main Plaza… I wonder where he sleeps?

Default Equipment
Wpn: Short Sword
Arm: Venture Suit
Acc: Memorial Pin

Beginning Stats
Starting Level- 1
HP- 57
ATK- 29
MAG- 18
DEF- 22
RES- 19
SPD- 44

Fitz Erberlin

Almanac Description: (NO.007) "A little girl who works at the Restaurant.
She's well-rounded and can handle any task you throw at her.
She's like a little sister to me."

Kilbert Hennes
VA: Jūrōta Kosugi

Almanac Description: (NO.003) "A well-known adventurer who belongs to
the Adventure Guild. He might seem intimidating,
but he does the stupidest things sometimes."

Default Equipment
Wpn: Longsword
Arm: Leather Suit
Acc: Memorial Pin

Beginning Stats
Starting Level- 1
HP- 64
ATK- 40
MAG- 13
DEF- 26
RES- 15
SPD- 20

Gillian Clout
VA: Kaoru Akiyama

Almanac Description: (NO.004) "A lady knight who belongs to the Knights of Orde.
I heard she's really strong, but her personality doesn't seem to fit her admirable reputation."

Default Equipment
Wpn: Knight's Spear
Arm: Knight's Suit
Acc: Memorial Pin

Beginning Stats
Starting Level- 1
ATK- 48
MAG- 14
DEF- 26
RES- 17
SPD- 34

Kyle Eugrald
VA: Daisuke Sakaguchi

Almanac Description: (NO.005) "A mechanic from a faraway kingdom. He calls himself
a genius, but he's always fooling around and his inventions never work."

Default Equipment
Wpn: Club
Arm: Foreign Coat
Acc: Memorial Pin

Beginning Stats
Starting Level- 1
HP- 62
ATK- 35
MAG- 20
DEF- 24
RES- 18
SPD- 20

Liese (Lisette Randel)
VA: Sakura Nogawa

Almanac Description: (NO.008) "An experienced Alchemist. She's so greedy about money
it surprises even ME… But she's someone I can always depend on.
She's like a big sister to me.

Default Equipment
Wpn: Alchemy Staff
Arm: Liese's Dress
Acc: Memorial Pin

Beginning Stats
Starting Level- 10
HP- 168
ATK- 62
MAG- 124
DEF- 38
RES- 66
SPD- 50

Non-Playable Characters

VA: Miyuki Sawashiro

Almanac Description: (NO.009) "He's my supervisor and a true master.
He's so small but energetic. I think his hobby is to lecture me on a daily basis."


Almanac Description: (NO. 010) "A soft-spoken, nice young lady. She always has a smile on her face. I heard she really likes flowers."


Almanac Description: (NO. 011) "He's such a gentleman! He treats every girl like a lady, even me!"


Almanac Description: (NO. 012) "A rather vain guy. He doesn't even have a good taste in fashion. I can't really stand being around him all that much."


Almanac Description: (NO. 013) "A girl who tries to act overly cute all the time. I think she's older then me…"


Almanac Description: (NO. 014) "A good-looking man…Is what you think at first. But she's actually a woman. I heard she dresses up as a man for some reason or another."

Shop Keepers


Almanac Description: (NO.015) "Cool owner lady of the Weapon Shop. She was intimidating at first, and she's still kind of scary…"

Old Jacob

Almanac Description: (NO.016) "Old man at the General Shop. He's lived on Sera Island for a long time, so he can tell you anything about the island."


Almanac Description: (NO.017) "The mistress of the Adventurer Guild. She has the looks and the body. I'm not jealous… I swear!"


Almanac Description: (NO.018) "The librarian. A weird girl who likes books and… dried squid."

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