Attack Items

Bomb- NO.001 "A famous bomb amongst alchemists. You can use it to slightly damage enemies."

Mega Bomb- NO.002- "A bomb that kids shouldn't play with. It's got an average damage level."

Giga Bomb- NO.003- "A bomb that even adults shouldn't mess with. It has a high damage level."

Tera Bomb- NO.004- "A bomb that even bad people fear to use. It has a very high damage level."

Mega Uni- NO.005- "A traditional bomb made from Uni and Nue. It deals small physical damage to enemies."

Giga Uni- NO.006- "An Uni bomb with big spikes. It does medium damage to enemies."

Tera Uni- NO.007- "A fearsome bomb that shoots tera numbers of spikes. High physical damage to enemies."

Barrel- NO.008- "My favorite barrel. It explodes in a wide range and does medium damage."

Steel Barrel- NO.009- "A cool-looking barrel made from steel. Explodes in a wide range and does big damage."

Globe- NO.028- "The world isn't flat!? Use it to deal damage to a whole row. Medium damage."

Artistic Globe- NO.029- "I've expressed surprise in the form of art! Use it to deal huge damage to a wide range."

Primal Egg- NO.033- "The very first egg. Does medium damage to a wide range."

Celestial Alias- NO.034- "An item that looks like a celestial globe. It does huge damage to a wide range."

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